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Innovative technical and a variety of pipelines
“One-stop” gene and cell platform, covering all core technologies for CAR-T cell production

Technical Platforms

Imunopharm owns independent technical platforms for gene and cell therapy, including CAR-T screening system, large-scale plasmid preparation system, large-scale lentiviral vector preparation system, primary immune cells culture system and etc.

Gene vector scaling platform

Lentivirus serum-free and suspension culture system

High-efficacy gene vector purification process

Pilot-scale and large-scale production system

T Cell research and scaling platform

GMP-grade T cell scaling platform

Serum-free culture condition

InnovaCART: CAR  design and screening platform

DuraCART: Long-term T cell persistence

HPCART: Fast CAR-T preparation

UCART: Batch in stock CAR-T R&D Platform

Gene and cell drug analysis platform

Complete plasmid/virus/cell analysis method

GMP quality control system